DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Creating a DIY baby Halloween costume can be a delightful and creative experience.  A standard but loveable ghost costume using the things you have in your closet. Throw on an old sheet, cut out eye holes and pair it with a fun hat and sunglasses. That will be a DIY Halloween costume for parents. However this is about the little one.

DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some adorable and easy-to-make costume ideas for your little one:


1. Cute Pumpkin:

  • Materials: Orange onesie, black felt, green fabric or headband.
  • Instructions: Cut out pumpkin face shapes from black felt and attach them to the onesie. Create a stem using green fabric or a headband with a green leaf on top.

2. Baby Animals:

  • Materials: Gray or brown onesie, felt (various colors), headband.
  • Instructions: Add animal features like ears, tails, and noses to the onesie using felt. For example, you could create a lion with a mane, or a bunny with floppy ears. Match the headband with ears to complete the look.

3. Little Ghost:

  • Materials: White baby sleeper, white fabric, black felt.
  • Instructions: Cut out ghost eyes and mouth from black felt and attach them to the sleeper. Drape a white fabric over your baby’s head like a hood to complete the ghostly effect.

4. DIY Baby Halloween Costume – Bat:

  • Materials: Black onesie, black felt, headband, black craft foam.
  • Instructions: Cut out bat wings from black felt and attach them to the back of the onesie. Create bat ears using black craft foam and attach them to a headband.

5. Little Fairy:

  • Materials: Pastel-colored dress or onesie, tulle fabric, ribbon, fairy wings (optional).
  • Instructions: Attach strips of tulle fabric to the dress or onesie to create a tutu. Add ribbon around the waist. If you have fairy wings, attach them to the back of the costume.

6. Baby Garden Gnome:

  • Materials: Red onesie, white felt, brown belt or fabric, baby hat, cotton balls.
  • Instructions: Cut out a white felt beard and attach it to the onesie. Create a belt using brown fabric or a brown belt. Add a gnome hat and glue cotton balls on the hat’s tip.

7. Baby Chef:

  • Materials: White baby sleeper, chef’s hat (you can make one using white fabric), felt (various colors).
  • Instructions: Cut out felt shapes like a chef’s jacket, buttons, and a pocket. Attach these shapes to the sleeper. Pair the costume with a homemade chef’s hat.

8. Little Flower DIY Baby Halloween Costume:

  • Materials: Green onesie, silk flowers, headband, green felt.
  • Instructions: Attach silk flowers to the onesie to create a blooming effect. Create leaves from green felt and attach them around the neckline. Match the headband with a flower on it.

Baby Halloween Costumes At Affordable Prices


Baby Halloween Costumes At Affordable Prices

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Remember, safety is paramount. Avoid any small parts that could pose a choking hazard, and ensure the costume is comfortable for your baby. Have fun creating your little one’s Halloween costume!

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