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One of the safest ways to put your precious newborn to sleep is in a Newborn Sleeping Bag. Amazon has many options to choose from. In the blog post we share newborn sleeping bag amazon, how to use a sleeping bag and the safety of sleeping bags.

Newborn Sleeping Bag Amazon – Best 5 Selling Brands on Amazon


newborn sleeping bag amazon

Newborn Baby Bags

What you need to know about Sleeping Bags

Before rushing out to buy your newborn a sleeping bag this post will share information on the safety with newborns. New born sleeping bags ­— also known as sleep sacks — are wearable blankets designed to keep your newborn comfortably and safe during the night. Sleeping bags can make a fashion statement based on design and color.

But a sleep sack isn’t a mere fashion statement. View it more as a layer of protection. A 2019 analysis found that infant sleep sacks “are as safe, if not safer, than other bedding” when it comes to preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

What is a sleeping bag?


A sleeping bag is basically a way to safely keep your child warm while they sleep. It truly is designed as a wearable blanket, with tour baby’s torso, legs, feet and teeny-tiny toes housed within the sack.

The garment should be sleeveless, allowing those little arms and hands to move freely without any restrictions.

A zipper, or a series of snaps, typically runs up the front of a sleep sack, making it extremely easy to get your baby dressed for bed. Anyone who has fought to get little limbs into footie pajamas will appreciate the simplicity.

Your Guide to Newborn Sleeping Bag Brands on Amazon

Choosing the right sleeping bag can leave even the most seasoned parent feeling a bit lost. Fear not, weary adventurers! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to find the perfect newborn sleeping bag brand on Amazon.

Top 5 Amazon Brands

Let's shine a light on some popular and highly-rated brands making waves in the newborn sleeping bag scene

Love to Dream:

Renowned for their patented swaddle-to-sleepsuit designs, Love to Dream prioritizes freedom of movement while still promoting safe sleep. They offer various TOG thicknesses for different climates and temperature preferences.

How to use a sleeping bag with a newborn


How are sleeping  bags safe?

Sleep sacks offer a safer sleeping environment for your baby in several ways, all of which should help you rest easier. Benefits of sleep sacks include:

The warmth of blankets without the risk

Your baby probably received many soft, fluffy blankets as gifts. A word of advice, though: Don’t plan on your infant using them when they sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends keeping loose bedding out of your baby’s crib until they’re at least 12 months old.

The reason? Blankets pose a suffocation and strangulation danger for infants if the blankets come loose and obstruct breathing. Sleep sacks, meanwhile, provide the warmth and comfort of a blanket without the risk.

How long can babies use sleep bags?

Most babies can use a sleep sack until they’re about 2 years old. Size, however, is more of an issue than age. Larger sleep sacks can comfortably fit infants up to about 30 pounds and 40 inches tall.

By the time your baby has outgrown sleep sacks, they should be able to safely use a blanket.

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