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Newborn Help Trinidad and Tobago

Finding easy ways to fix problems with a newborn is important. Newborn help Trinidad and Tobago. There are common challenges that impact babies all around the world.  Babies in Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas, Australia, Barbados, New Zealand and England to name a few share some of the same issues.

Newborn Help Trinidad and Tobago


newborn help trinidad and tobago

Here are some of the common problem parents may need help:

  • Newborn help with constipation
  • Newborn help with gas
  • Help with jaundice
  • Help with acid reflux
  • Newborn care essentials
  • Newborn help with colic

Newborn Help with Constipation


home remedies for newborn constipation tips

Knowledge is the key to success. Newborns are not capable of telling parents what is happening with them. As parents t is on the job training. Long ago grand parents or big sisters were around to share knowledge on home remedies and support the newborn parents. Nowadays Google has become the primary source for newborn help Trinidad and Tobago.

home remedies for newborn constipationSigns of constipation in newborns vary depending on their age and diet. A normal bowel movement before a baby begins eating solid food should be very soft, almost like the consistency of peanut butter or even looser. Here are some signs:

  • infrequent stools that are not soft in consistency
  • clay-like stool consistency
  • hard pellets of stool
  • long periods of straining or crying while trying to have a bowel movement
  • streaks of red blood in the stool
  • lack of appetite
  • a hard belly

It is always recommended that you take your newborn to the doctor for medical attention. However here are free home remedies that can help with newborns constipation:

  1. Exercise
  2. Massage
  3. Warm Bath
Exercise to relief constipation in newborn

home remedies for newborn constipation exercises

Movement of a baby’s legs can help relieve constipation. This is a unknow fact that works. Exercise and movement tend to stimulate a baby’s bowels.

However, as babies may not be walking or even crawling yet, a parent or caregiver may want to help them exercise to relieve constipation.

The parent or caregiver can gently move the baby’s legs while they are lying on their back to mimic the motion of riding a bicycle. Doing this may help the bowels function and relieve constipation.

Massage for newborn constipation

There are several ways to massage a baby’s stomach to relieve constipation. These include:

Using the fingertip to make circular motions on the stomach in a clockwise pattern.

Walking the fingers around the naval in a clockwise pattern.

Holding the baby’s knees and feet together and gently pushing the feet toward the belly.

Stroking from the rib cage down past the belly button with the edge of a finger.

Warm bath for newborn to poop

Giving a baby a warm bath can relax their abdominal muscles and help them stop straining. It can also relieve some of the discomfort relating to constipation.

Help for Newborns with gas

natural ways to help newborn with gas

As adults passing gas upstairs (burp) and downstairs (fart) can be a tard embarrassing depending on present company. Newborns are free to let fly. Newborns however may not come out the such a pungent smell as adults.

Babies cry to tell us they are hunger. Many times, parents forget that feeding on time is important for newborns to prevent gas. Notice patterns in your newborn feeding intervals. Start feedings before your infant cries to avoid gas. When infants cry from hunger, they swallow air. When a frantically hungry baby starts to feed, they will gulp quickly and swallow more air than usual.

If your infant is wide awake crying and it’s been at least one or two hours from the last feeding, try to start another feeding.

burping tips for newborn

Pay attention to positioning. Unlike you, a baby cannot change position easily and may need a little help moving the gas out of their system. Some positioning tips: Feed your baby as upright as possible; lay your child on their back and pedal their legs with your hands to help expel gas from below; if your child is awake after a feeding, place them on their belly.

Increase tummy time. Give your child plenty of tummy time throughout the day while they are awake.

Newborn Help Trinidad and Tobago with colic

newborn help trinidad and tobago colicky newborn tips

Colic typically starts when babies are around 3 weeks old and ends when they reach 3 to 4 months. Studies have shown up to 40 percent of all babies may experience colic. The condition is defined by frequent bouts of crying — not caused by a medical issue — often in the evening for three or more hours, and on a regular basis.

Doctors are the experts and make suggestions that may help newborns with colic. However, all newborns are not the same. Here are some suggestions or home remedies to try before heading to the professional.

swaddling them or wrapping them in a soft blanket

massaging them with essential oils

giving them a pacifier

using a white noise machine to help them fall asleep

placing them in a relaxing room that is not too hot, not too cold, and has soft lighting

holding newborn in an upright position after feeding

let your newborn lay on their tummy

Newborns means the world to parents. Many cherish to opportunity to share in the life of a newborn. Knowing the signs and symptoms will help with the care needed for newborns.

Over time from trial and error different home remedies have proven successful. The saying “I remember granny use to put a wet rolled piece of thread on a newborn forehead to help with hiccups” They were mid-wives and knew everything. Those were they days of long ago.

Single parent, bother or father are even under more pressure when it comes to the care of a newborn. Unforeseen circumstance may trust you in the firing path of newborn care giving. The light at the end of the tunnel is Google when family or friends support abandon you at the most needed times.

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