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Newborn Pampers Trinidad

A good night’s sleep starts with a great diaper.  Finding a good newborn pampers in Trinidad will go a long way to enjoying sleep. Trinidadians tend to call call disposable diapers pampers.

Newborn Pampers Trinidad

Pampers diapers are made from ingredients that are carefully tested and proven to be safe. The ingredients used are common in most diapers and wipes and are used safely by millions of babies around the world every day.

newborn pampers trinidad

Pampers Baby Dry Extra Protection Stage 2 112ct – $250.00

About this item:
Please confirm the size before purchasing. Inappropriate size may lead to leakage issue or can cause rashes

Protect your baby’s skin with 5 layers of protection and up to 12 hours of dryness

New and improved Dual Leak-Guard Barriers help protect where leaks happen most ( sizes 1-6)

LockAway Channels absorb wetness and lock it away from skin

Skin Health Alliance, dermatologist approved – hypoallergenic and free of parabens and latex ( natural rubber)

Color-changing Wetness Indicator

Fun and colorful Sesame Street designs and characters!

Pampers Size Guide


Finding the right size diaper for your newborn will prevent leakage. Keeping pee pee and poop within the diaper will be less stressful and easier clean up. Sizing varies between each infant—just like it does for clothes and shoes—and it depends on weight instead of age. For a general breakdown, check out our diaper size chart before heading to the store:

Pampers Diaper Sizes Trinidad

Preemie: 6 lbs and under (only available in Pampers Swaddlers)
Newborn: 10 lbs and under.
Size 1: 8- 14 lbs.
Size 2: 12-18 lbs.
Size 3: 16-28 lbs.
Size 4: 22-37 lbs.
Size 5: 27 lbs and over.
Size 6: 35 lbs and over.

How to change pampers with your newborn

Many parents are faced with the dilemma of changing a diaper for the first time. Dad is left home alone with his newborn while mom runs an errand or gets some much needed rest.

Knowing mom is out or resting it is the best time for your newborn to test daddy’s diaper changing skills. To ensure daddy knows the time of day, the cry starts. Do not panic watch the video below or follow the step by step instruction under the video.

To change your baby, follow the steps below:

1. Lay your baby on his back. Remove any clothing that inhibits access to the diaper. At this age, rompers are popular clothing items; they contain snaps for easy diaper access.

2. Remove the soiled diaper. For disposable diapers, pull up the sticky tabs. For reusable cloth diapers, remove the diaper cover and snaps or Velcro from around your baby’s waist.

3. Lift your baby up gently so you can scoot the diaper out from under his bottom.

4. Use wipes to clean your baby’s diaper region. Always wipe from front to back to avoid infection, especially for girls.

5. If the area is red or inflamed, soothe it with diaper ointment.

6. Wait for your baby’s skin to dry before putting on a fresh diaper.

7. Take a fresh diaper and place it under your baby. Bring the front part up on your baby’s stomach and fasten the tabs to secure the diaper on his waist.

8. Replace any clothing over the new diaper.

Signs Your Newborn Needs a Bigger Diaper Size

How do you know whether your baby needs a bigger diaper size?

The following signs indicate that it’s time to upgrade their fit.

  • The side tabs of the diaper pop often
  • The leg bands feel tight
  • It’s hard to put on the pamper
  • The waistband feels tight (you should be able to fit two fingers underneath it)
  • There’s irritation or red marks around the diaper
  • The diaper looks too small for your baby, and/or it doesn’t cover their bottom fully
  • You’re having recurring issues with leakage
  • Your baby seems uncomfortable in the diaper

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